High Speed Interface - Analog PHYs, SerDes, Channel Links

  • High Speed Interface Circuits based on various standards like LVDS, sub-LVDS, CCP2, mini-LVDS, MIPI D-PHY, M-PHY etc., and any customized link is one of the core expertise area of team ELVEEGO. ELVEEGO has successfully delivered multi-Gigabit Analog PHYs, SerDes, Channel Links for various applications.
  • ELVEEGO's expertise in High Speed Interface design is summarized below:

   Target Applications:
   → High Resolution & 3D Flat Panel Displays and Projectors
   → SerDes applications
   → Mobile Phone and Camera Displays
   → Ethernet Repeater PHY
   → High Definition Media Players
   → Digital Set Top Boxes
   → Chip to Chip Interface (SIP)
   → Optical Links

  • ELVEEGO has successfully delivered projects in these domains across process technology foundries and technology nodes.
  • Few examples of project expertise in this domain are described:
  • An example of a Serializer-Deserializer Analog PHY targeted for high resolution Flat panel display interface between Graphics board and display Panel.
  • Such a design can be ccustomized for any customer requirement of medium to high data rate Analog PHYs that require data Serialization and Deserialization function.

  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered various LVDS/RSDS/miniLVDS/subLVDS/SSFI/SXI standard based Analog PHYs, SerDes, Channel links including a Deserializer Analog PHY that targets an overall data throughput of close to 52.8Gbps for 4K2K resolution display projector driver has also been successfully delivered to our customer.


  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered designs in this domain across technologies like CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, SOI technologies in deep submicron technologies down upto 40nm and 28nm process nodes.