Data Converters

  • Data Converters design is another domain of core expertise for team ELVEEGO. The team has past experience of designing various types of Analog to Digital Converters and Digital to Analog Converters.
  • Target Applications:

    → Direct sampling RF Front Ends

    → Instrumentation

    → CMOS Image Sensors

    → Automatic Gain Controls

    → LED Driver

    → Automotive Instrumentation

  • Types of Architecture:

    → Pipelined ADCs

    → Delta-Sigma ADCs

    → SAR ADCs

    → Current Steering DACs

    → Capacitive Array DACs

  • Typical parameters:

    → Upto 16 bit resolution

    → Upto 200MSps sampling

  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered designs of ADCs and DACs in CMOS and SOI technologies.