Clock Circuits : PLLs, CDRs, Oscillators, Clock Tree

  • Team ELVEEGO has got lots of first time Silicon success stories in the design of Clock related circuits like Phase Locked Loops (Integer well as Fractional), Clock and Data Recovery, various types of oscillators like Crystal, RC-Relaxation, Ring, LC based oscillators for point, wide-band and multi-band oscillator requirements.
  • ELVEEGO's has also successfully delivered many designs like Clock Tree, Clock Buffers etc., for multi-GHz frequency ranges.

   Target Applications:
   → SOC Clock circuits & Frequency synthesizers
   → Data Serialization and Deserialization
   → Local Oscillator of Wireless Transceivers
   → Wide-band Digital Silicon Tuners
   → Timing Generator for CMOS Image Sensors
   → General purpose PLLs

   Type of Circuits:
   → Integer PLLs
   → Fractional PLLs
   → Multiphase PLLs
   → Wide-band PLLs
   → Clock and Data Recovery Circuits
   → LC, Ring, Relaxation, Crystal Oscillators

   Typical Frequencies:
   → PLLs from MHz range up to 8GHz output
   → CDRs up to 6.4Gbps

  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered designs in this domain across technologies like CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, SOI technologies in deep submicron technologies down upto 40nm and 28nm process nodes.