Automotive Domain Circuits

  • ELVEEGO has been successful in creating a team of engineers specialized in the design of circuits targeted for Automotive applications.
  • ELVEEGO has successfully delivered designs like:

→ FlexRay Transceiver for interfacing ECU
   with X-By-Wire application sensors

→ PSI5 Transceiver for interfacing ECU
   with Airbag Sensors

→ Antenna Driver Circuit for Smart key

→ Solenoid Current Detector and Shaper

→ High Voltage Gate Driver Circuits

→ CMOS and BiCMOS Amplifiers of
   various topologies and specifications

→ High Voltage Bandgap Voltage and
   Current reference

→ Low Noise Charge Pump Circuit for
   Power Supply generation

→ Dashboard Electonics

  • ELVEEGO Circuits has successfully delivered designs for automotive domain in LDMOS and Bipolar technologies with Supply Voltage upto 45Volts and temperature requirements of upto 150°C.